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Salvador V. Garibay

Greenhouse in Weggis (LU)

Sunset at my working place


Organic Ginger

Organic Harvested ginger

Organic Maize

Organic Sweet potatoes

Organic Peanuts

Organic Tomatillo verde (green tomatos)

Organic Jalapeños

Organic Jalapeños

Organic Serrano

Chili variation

Organic Huitlacoche and chiles

Fresh harvested organic garlic

Organic Onions

Organic Nopales

Organic Edamame

Organic Edamame

Organic Brussels sprout

Sun flower with bee

Organic Aloe Vera blossom

Organic Forrest Honey


Organic Blossom Honey


Location in Merlischachen (LU)

Salvador V. Garibay

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